What to do at Lima’s airport? Tips to survive a long stay there.

Lima’s international airport Jorge Chavez once was considered one of the best and newest among South-American airports. Not super big, and in my opinion not too complicated, once you get there for the first time you may (for sure) get the impression that there is nothing there for you (besides the counters and departure gate to your next flight).

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Most people really don’t care about what is in our airport either, but, what if you have to stay for more than a couple of hours before taking your connexion flight? No problems, if this is your case I will give youΒ some travel tips for making this short stay of yours a bit more enjoyable:

  • In the picture the massage area hidden above domestic arrivals-
  1. A massage sounds always good, especially if you need to get rid of some tension and you can’t leave the airport. Try the massage service located above the domestic arrivals area. Prices from 10 to 20 dollars depending on the time length of massage (from 15 min to 30 min)
  2. Food is always welcomed, and the options are quite decent, go to the food court in the area before the departure gate and security for some Pizza, burgers, Chinese-Peruvian, fried chicken… not far away from there a Starbucks and some coffee shops. They are all located on the second floor. If you want something more local you can go to TANTA restaurant, they offer great Peruvian food.
  3. Do you like Outlet stores? Not many people know about a mall located next to the airport that has the best international and local designers brands of clothes, shoes, and bags at the BEST PRICE. (You can get trekking clothes as well) Once out of the entrance of the airport keep going to your left less than 100 meters (1 block). The name of the place is IN OUTLETΒ FAUCETT Β (click on the name to see location). By the way…if you haven’t checked in your luggage DON’T VENTURE OUT WITH IT! That takes me to the next tip…
  4. there is a baggage storage at the airport. Follow their indications in terms of what to and what not to leave in your luggage pieces. Located next to the domestic arrivals gates (first floor), you will find it after you collect your luggage and exit that area.
  5. Some people consider praying, meditating or having a time with God an important part of their trips. The Chapel of the airport located on the second floor is the quietest zone that you will find there. Find it very easily first going to the International Arrivals (opposite to the domestic arrivals) and take the stairs to the second floor located next to the police station.
  6. Β Money exchange needed? There are at least a couple of exchange houses (Casas de Cambio) in this airport, bust as always the rate is not convenient so only use them to exchange a small amount of your money and do the rest in the next city you visit, actually of all of the stores here take credit cards. Keep that in mind just in case.
  7. Other stores: jewelry, alpaca, chocolate, shoe shiners, bookstores, and banks.
  8. And most importantly, if you are having a 7-hour layover or more WHY WILL YOU STAY AT THE AIRPORT? take a safe cab offered inside the airport in the stands near the arrival gates, a shuttle bus to Miraflores such as Quick Llama or Airport Express or go with a private guide to visit Lima! is not so difficult to find a great private tour to show you the best of Lima, or at least to give you a taste of this city. Remember that if your next plane is a domestic flight you have to be at the airport 2 hours before departure, and for international flights 3 hours.

There is always a friendly police officer around, a reliable taxi service that you can contract inside the airport (never outside please) and a first aids station for anyone that needs it. Enjoy your short stay in Lima!


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