Visiting the Main Square of Trujillo, Peru

The main square of Trujillo

One of the things I love about Trujillo is its weather, this ever sunny city has the happiest climate on the coast, is warm almost all year round and has a beautiful blue sky almost 365 days, maybe that’s why Trujillanos are kind and friendly.

Having fun with the girls

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Once in the City of Trujillo, located in the north coast of Peru, about 8 hours away from Lima by bus, is an obligation to visit first its main square for two main reasons, is the historical center of the city and is really picturesque.

Cathedral of Trujillo in the Main Square

Its Cathedral from the late XVII century is almost all day open, visit it! Has a great decoration inside.

The main square has an interesting piece of decoration, a huge monument inaugurated in 1929 to honor the Liberty, the monument has three parts: on top the liberty, the middle part has the sculptures of the art, science, commerce, and health, on the bottom another set of three sculptures, the oppression, the fight for the emancipation, and finally the liberation


Nearby the city hall and the most important government buildings of the region, as well the best restaurants! Go for some traditional food to my favorite: El Mochika, try some local food such as Shambar soup (only available on Mondays) or other traditional local dishes such as rice with duck, yumm.

our lovely table


This is the list of delicious things we ate there: 1. Chicken tamal, 2. Causa, 3. Aji de gallina, 4. Rice with duck.

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