La Pera park is one of the most popular parks in San Isidro district, in Lima-Peru. This modern part of Lima, often called the financial center is the most dynamic part of the city, but like all places, It has a quiet , less known side. The residential area of this district expands along the cliffs also called Malecon and is the perfect location for tourists to escape from the annoying traffic of the concrete jungle that is Lima, this is also the ideal location for someone that is looking to live in a safe and peaceful environment, but only few minutes away from the business area.


…and right next to the cliff.

Last Saturday we were invited to a picnic in this park, a simple yet beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion that in this case was a birthday, the place is becoming very popular among families as a party location, there were 5 parties at the same time!!, magicians and bubbles floating everywhere, and the best part is that no dishes were to be done at the end of the party!

This park is deal to practice birding, also called birdwatching, its abundance in birds is outstanding, especially for being quite close to a big avenue. It is so quiet almost all day round, safe and close to the ocean, that the observation of birds is easy all year. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more click HERE to read my post about birdwatching in Lima.

If you come with children this is an ideal place, the park also has a playground that usually has many other kids, so they can play and interact with others while you have a rest. this is a good place to get in a conversation with local moms if you can speak a bit of Spanish.

If you like riding a bicycle or skating there is no other place… come with your kids for a safe ride in a quiet zone.

Having fun at the playground

Finally, this is an ideal place to meditate, do yoga or just rest in a quiet environment, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the Sunset from above the cliffs, and this is one of the best locations to do that in Lima.


So, come over to enjoy the good weather, the fresh sea breeze, the good company, or just to relax a while from a busy day.

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