Travel tips from a tour guide to visit Machu Picchu

Are you on your way to Machu Picchu? Once at the entrance of this “World wonder” it is important to check out first to following tips for a successful visit:

  • Before visiting the site you will need to remember that your ticket is valid for 1 use only, once you finish the circuit you will not be able to get back in, be cautious before you get in, check if you need to go to the toiles, for example, (bathrooms are outside the archaeological site’s entrance) or buying something to eat or drink (you can’t eat at the archaeological site).
  • Chose wisely the time of your visit, the ticket to the archaeological site includes the hour of your visit, the first admissions start at 7 am, you can’t get inside the site before the hour in your ticket. The average duration of the circuit is 2 hours. if you are only staying for the day in Aguas Calientes town it is very important to take into consideration the arrival time of your train to the town, and the 20 minutes that take the bus ride to the entrance of the site, plus the waiting line to take it ( consider buying the ticket to start 1 hour after your arrival)
  • If you want to visit this place on your own consider that using a professional guiding service is compulsory, you can hire one at the entrance for a private tour or join a group, guides are located at the entrance of the site and they all handle several languages, especially English.
  • You are not allowed to get inside Machupicchu with big backpacks, tripods, sleeping bags, walking steaks, etc, there is a luggage custody service near the toilets, and for a low cost (4 soles = 1.30 dollars per piece) you can get rid of this little inconvenience during all your tour and your it safely.
  • Toilets cost 2 soles per person. Make sure of going in before the visit β€œJust in Case”, inside the archaeological site there are no toilets. The bathroom is located below the restaurant next to the entrance to the archaeological site
  • Hungry? There is 1 restaurant at the entrance of the archaeological site and it belongs to the hotel Sanctuary Lodge (the only one located at the entrance of the archaeological site with a view to Machu Picchu), and a cafeteria located above the luggage custody service, prices there are higher than average, but worth it, everything tastes good and basically is the only option. In the second one you can get sandwiches, pastries, and refreshments.
  • No jumping, whistling, crazy photographs or screaming inside the site, no posing with flags, no selfie sticks or umbrellas, nothing that can disturb other visitors at the site….yes, I know, too many rules, but rules are rules.
  • Do you want to take a unique souvenir to remember this visit forever? no worries, this one is for free… you can stamp your passport with the image of Machu Picchu at the exit gate (near the toilets) P.S.: stamps are given after 9 am and sometimes the line is big, but it moves fast.
  • COVID -19 UPDATE: additionally to all the above mentioned it is compulsory to wear facemask during all your visit, it is not requested a covid test at the entrance. The number of visitors has been reduced to maintain social distance, during your visit try to Keep your distance from other groups and not move outside the established circuit.

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