Travel blogs to plan great trips and be taken in the right direction

In this year’s of travels I’ve meet the most amazing people, true heart and soul travelers that love the freedom of going to many places, learning from locals and trying food…how wonderful! But al well that had the patience and dedication to write a blog to tell their story story to the world, I know all the people I’m recommending in this list in person, I have a big respect to them as they were the inspiration to my own blog.

1.-Β Wekaworld

This is a travel blog write by Robyn and Lukas, they started in Galapagos, for there their trips has taken them to Peru, Chile…and they keep going.

the best thing besides the great pictures is that this blog is bilingual, Β (german and english).

2.-Β Living La Vida Global

This is a great blog, specially if you are over 40 and still wonder for adventure. Dean and Pauline know what you need and what you want to know, giving great coaching and answering all kinds of questions, they write about their own experiences and with an accurate eye, rate services and attractions for you in their travel blog.

Don’t quick all the fun and adventure, over 40 is when life starts.

3.-Β Jaspa’s Journey

I met Jaspa’s in 2015, and it was love at first sight. .. he is so adorable (and we’ll behaved) quite well, specially for been a jirafa in miniature. He is so well traveled, Lima city shocked him a little , but he comes from a jungle, so this concrete one was not so bad.

I recommend you to follow his adventures on the blog section, and if you have little ones at home, the pictures of Jaspas and his story books will be a wonderful intro to the wonder of traveling.

4.-Β Henwoods Adroad

Can you imagine traveling for 11 months, 47 weeks, 330 day and only with 2 bags? I couldn’t belive it when they told me months ago during a trip in Peru… Craig and Andy had seen so much since then, what a wonderful adventure. This couple of romantics give great tips for traveling and show you the must-see places of every city.

These are my recommended blogs, do you know one you like? Please pass the knowledge and share the link here.

Great adventures for all!