Trapped by a Sand Storm “Paracas”

I started today’s journey departing from Nasca at about 2 pm, the weather was beautiful and sunny, my tourists were on their way to Arequipa (they visited this morning Nasca ‘ s highlights including the Nasca lines) and on my way back home I was caught by a sand storm or “Paracas” (local name given to this phenomena that occures during summer in the southern hemisphere, think about this if you are planning to do the overflight to the Nasca Lines, I may not happen!!) .

What a powerful force of nature is a Paracas!, we were not able to see a meter away from the car. The good news Is that we made it good to Lima, the bad one is that may car has a kilograme of sand hidden in places I have no idea exist in a car, enough the make my own beach in my back yard.


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