Traditional Mercados of Lima

At the “Mercado” or market of my neighborhood I alway feel at home, I have my “caseros”or favorite vendors, and I know every corner of that site… where is the fish, where are the cherry tomatoes, where is the cuy… I know it well.

Despite the tipycal smell at markets (a mix of hundreds of aromas making a classic perfum in which you will recognize notes of spaces , herbs, fruits, and sometimes fish) the worls of a markets is fascinating.


Engaging in conversations with locals is super easy there, If is your first time in one (and you look, lets say, not so local) you wont find a problem to start a conversation about the countless types of potatoes the vendor offers, and maybe you’ll be given to taste a Goose berry by a nice lady at the fruits stand.


If your current location is Miraflores let me tell you that ain’t excuses to not go to a Market, there are many options, mine would be the MERCADO 1 in the limit of Miraflores with surquillo district.


Wear confortable clothes and shoes.

Bring small notes if you are planing to buy fruit for example. they only take cash.

dont bring your rollex! leave your bling bling at the hotel.

ask before making a picture, you wont always get a SI (yes) but is always better to ask first.

I know pictures of children are sweet, but againg ASK FIRST.

I you know you have a sensitive stomach don’t each the fruits at the market, take them to the hotel and as people at the hotel’s restaurant to wash them for you.

If you can to see good staff go in the morning, from 9 to 11 am, after that gets bussier and in the afternoon there are less products.

I know is hard but try not to put big sad face when you see the chickens hanging upside down or any animal on the butchery section . this is part of the local culture.

Enjoy the experience.


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