Tips to visit Bogota – Colombia

How blessed I am to be able to travel and get a taste of the world, to share my experiences with you through this blog.

My current location is Colombia. Now, finally installed in my accommodation for the next 3 days located in the capital city of Bogota (an Airbnb) I’m running to give you my first-hand travel tips for your future travels to this country of wonders.

This is my day 2 of a journey of 11 days in the country of great coffee, and can’t wait to share with you all some great things I’ve learned from my first hours here, from my own experience and from the locals advised that I have been recompilating for this post. This is a list of my top 5 tips:

Bogota’s Airport
  • When you go to Colombia, keep handy the address our your hotel, Airbnb of friend’s house with a mobile number of contact ( the first site you will stay at, not necessarily every hotel), this is VERY important. Colombian immigrations is picky and cautious about visitors, and can even send you back if you don’t have this info handy.
  • There is around the world lots of misconceptions about traveling to this destination, Colombia is a great country with great people that had suffered for a long time the struggles of fighting for peace with Guerrillas and drug cartels, you can’t imagine how happy Colombians are of knowing that things are getting better after signing up a peace treaty with them, but they are not naive and always give you advises about where you can or can’t go in there country. Nevertheless, any clever visitor knows already that we all must be discreet and careful anywhere around the world, and never exhibit expensive articles or jewelry if you want to go for a walk, this may call a wrong kind of attention over you.

    Gold Museums of Bogota
  • The first city I’m visiting in this country is Bogota, it reminds me architecturally for moments Santiago – Chile and La Paz – Bolivia, the first thing I’ve learned about here is that there is a very important thing  you SHOULD take in consideration if planning a visit, Bogota is organized from north to south and runs along a mountain range visible from the whole city. The layout’s display is long and not wide, and most importantly, the northernmost streets (from the 75 until the 150 or even more) are the most exclusive areas of the city, exclusive hotels, and restaurants, condominiums, and malls; the southern you go in the city (after the 50 until the 1 and even more ) are the more modest, working class zones, then lowers income and finally poor areas of this city of contrast. the Historical center ( Plaza Bolivar, Congress, Cathedral, Gold Museum etc. ) is located about the 20. Make sure of planning with anticipation your location. Mine is in the 57, right next to one of the city bus station called Transmilenio, which takes me to the next tip:
  • Buy a Transmilenio card, you can take the bus to anywhere and save lots of money. In the information stations at any bus stop, you can check which bus and routes are the most convenient for you; you can get a card free of charge (tourists can get it without problems) but every ride that you load costs 0.80 cents of US dollar (2 Peruvian soles) and you can recharge them at the stations. Other alternatives are taxis (they use taximeters) and Uber. P.S. Be careful with your backpacks if you are taking the public bus especially if you are in the rush hour.
  • img_0867Buy a good travel guide that includes travel tips, restaurants, and maps, I got Lonely planet’s and is working very well for me (price about 25 US dollars).


Rain breaks outside while I’m writing these lines, and as a Limenian not used to rain (Lima city lays on a dessert) I feel so excited and I’m already loving this place, the sound of rain and the quietness of a Sunday morning in Bogota.

Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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