The Mototaxis , Peruvian Tuk tuks

This marvelous (and sometimes dangerous) way of transportation was first seen in Lima and the rest of Peru in the early 90’s, and since then has become part of our culture and our daily routine, especially at the low-income areas and close to the big markets of our main cities.

A great way of making a good living in the big city without needing a profession, still is a dangerous business in terms of safety for the driver, especially if the road is a freeway. Lately more women (usually single mothers) are becoming Mototaxistas.

If you are wondering this is a very cheap ride, from 1 to 2 soles the ride is the average and is usually take for a short distance, much better than a taxi. They actually can be seen pretty much anywhere in the country, from the small Ollantaytambo in Cusco, to the hot Puerto Maldonado city. EVERYWHERE!, the reason: consumes less fuel, is affordable and price convenient for the locals (a new one costs from 2000 to 3000 American dollars and the mototaxista can make a return of 30 American dollars a day, this is a great source of business and money for many families), and did I mentioned that is very well ventilated?!…

This mototaxi is dedicated to Patricia, Yesenia and Fabiana Gisel, usually their children, wife or a family member

Many Mototaxi drivers like to dedicate their vehicles to passed family members, saints or their children, that’s why you will see written names on the back of their mototaxis, sometimes they take their love for their vehicles much further away, converting them on rolling Nightclubs (neon lights and loud music), that is a peculiar way to attract the opposite sex, some say love is a battlefield, and in this battlefield anything is permitted ! this is really a great way to impress girls.

Beatita de Humay and Beatita Melchorita are both famous saints “of the people” or unofficial saints.

If you are in the “tourist” zones of Lima like Miraflores, San Isidro or the Centro of Lima, you may not be able to see them. this is part of the more colloquial-low-income reality of this big city. Try it only in the company of a local… we know best where to try it and which one to try.

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