The Gold Museum of Bogota – Colombia

Front of the Gold Museum of Bogota

This museum has been on my bucket list for ages. In my country (Peru) there is one Gold Museum, a display of 1 floor that offers a look into the cultural wealth of ancient civilizations in that area of South America. Since long I had a great curiosity for this other one, I was described to me as an amazing display and way bigger… so that’s why I came. This post was created to give you my first hand advises about this highlight of Bogota.

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In general, museums in Colombia are very cheap, this museum has an admission fee of 4000 pesos, (about less than 2 US dollars), once there you can take pictures (no flash) and visit the 5 floors of exhibit, my recommendation is to dedicate at least 3 hours of your day to see it all. This museum needs a guide, if you are not able to join a tour group you can get an Audio guide only for 8000 pesos extra (less than 4 US Dollars).

The tour starts on the 2nd floor, I have never seen that much gold in one place!. I live in a country that is proud of its history and cultural wealth, gold, and silver, were said by conquistadors, to be everywhere and this you can learn now only from history books and old accounts from the 16th century.

Let me be very honest with you, I have never seen this much gold in one place in my entire country, just in a corner of my imagination when I’m reading history books in which the richness of our land is explained… this place is beyond words to be described and is a great portrait of America before Columbus.

So hard to describe the feeling, maybe overwhelming will be the most appropriate word for this place.  To prove that to you,  I am sharing some pictures of my experience in this museum:

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At the end of the visit you’ll be invited to go into the most famous room of the museum which keeps a collection of golden nose rings, the room is dark and tribal background music with projections of color lights make this moment an unforgettable one.

The museum display of organized in rooms and galleries dedicated to most of the prehispanic cultures of Colombia, 90% of the object from this exhibit have in common one thing: the gold. There are other exhibits such as the one of MOLAS (traditional fine textiles produced by indigenous women in the north of the country) and even a gift shop where you can get jewelry made of gold and Colombia’s most beloved stone: Emerald

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The first and most famous piece of the collection

The museum is located in the center of the city, you can click Here the see it on a map.

Take a safe taxi, Uber or bus to the station MUSEO DEL ORO, your destination is just 1 block away.

I can’t recommend more this museum. If you ever head in this direction make sure of visiting the most emblematic place of Bogota and let your imagination fly away.

Photo Credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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