The Cliffs of Lima

Some say Lima looks for moments like California, Santa Monica… that moment happens when visitors see the cliffs of the city. Located next to the ocean, the acantilado (name in spanish) is maybe after the main square of Lima, the most famous and beautiful part of the capital of Peru.

The freeway and beaches below the cliff are a pleasant surprise to tourist that want to take a picture or selfie as soon as they get a good view of it, but the area has changed a lot in 50 years

Picture source: Internet.

The cliffs used to end on the sea directly, no beaches or space for a road existed in most of this area until the 60’s , this mayor work of expansion has been progressing a lot until now, but we continue… the intention is to connect all the bay of Lima from north to south… in 2019 we hope to finish a project that will connect 20 km of coast line.

We all hope so!

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