The Central Park of Miraflores, Art and Entertainment in the same place

Miraflores is known for its great location, good food, beautiful parks and fantastic sunsets.

One of the highlights of this district is its central park, also called Cats Park (for the many abandoned kittens that live there).Β Great restaurants are located around this green space of Miraflores, but there is another reason to come on weekends, its Art Fair.

Near the main church and city hall of this district, the curious visitor will find the art section, paintings in all sizes and styles, and next to them the souvenirs section. Finally, you can go for a local dessert or coffee offered on the stands at the center of the park. Parking lot under the park is available.

What a great way to enjoy your Sunday afternoon or any day! Are you wondering how to get there? easy… click Here to see itsΒ exact location.

Photo Credits: Diego Portal

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