The Cats of Kennedy Park – Miraflores

If you are an animal lover come to visit the Central Park of Miraflores district in Lima, also known as the Kennedy park, there you will be given a “bittersweet” surprise, dozens of cats, some walking through the park, some resting over the branches of the trees, all of them looking for an expression of affection and if lucky, something extra to eat on the day.

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Cute as they are, cats not always the favorite of some people, this is no excuse for what had happened to some of the cats residents of the park, many were abandoned after only a few days born , some just after were grown enough to not look as cute little kittens… some because were too old, some came on their own. All of them found here a second home, a second chance to find not just some food, also a cuddle, and why not, the permanent love of an adoptive family.

Cats are everywhere in the park, most of them next to the church located in the park, they are very candid, shy in the beginning, if you want to visit them and give them some love be a bit patient give them some time, respect their space, remember all they have lived. After all they are survivors of , only God knows…

And, as all good stories have a happy ending, theirs is a really good one, a group of goodwill neighbors animal lovers, have created an organization that, since about 20 years, has taken care of them, of their nutrition, vaccines , and sterilizations, so in that way their new adoptive families won’t need to care on that, cats will be more eligible in comparison to cats from pet shops, its a win-win.

You can help the association to help the cats by donating money or by purchasing products in their stand at the Kennedy park. Our feline will be very grateful.


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