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(ARTICLE) 10 Movies For Travel Lovers

If you love adventure and traveling is a very important part of your life this post is perfect for you. 2020 and 2021 had been terrible years for us travelers, to me planning future trips was an scape and has been a lifesaver, a way out of depression on many occasions a way to take…

(NEWS) Made in Peru: Maras Pink Salt

Β  Β  Β Have you heard about Maras Pink salt? This variety of salt has become one of the top Peruvian products for exportation in the last years and in this article I will explain to you why you should include this product as a unmissable souvenir from your Peru trip. This minerals-rich salt is extracted…

(NEWS) Birdwatching in Lima, The newest hotspot for birders in Peru

Few people know Lima is a great city to practice birding (also known as birdwatching), the surprise is understandable. Lima, usually recognized as a busy “concrete jungle”, a city with more dessert than parks, and therefore, a city too arid to hold any fauna or flora of its own in comparison to the mighty jungle…

Post-Quarantine Travel Trends 2020-2021

The pandemic that hit the planet this 2020 has completely changed us all, to the point of being afraid and suspicious of practically everything and everyone; We feel fear of being close to another person, and afraid of hugging our loved ones, many of us feel traumatized and in a constant state of mental alert….