Pique macho, a Bolivian classic

When my first trip to Bolivia was confirmed (about 2 years ago), my well-traveled good friends said to me: don’t forget to try a PIQUE MACHO. I had no idea what is was, it was described to me as another classic, this time Peruvian, called Salchipapas: French fries + fried hot dog and sometimes a fried egg on top.

La Paz City, Living above the clouds. Travel Tips from a Guide.

This city is a box of surprises, La Paz ( 10,650 to 13,250 feet // 3,250 to 4,100 meters), the administrative capital of Bolivia and the seat of its government is, from any angle you see it, a one of a kind place… a must-visit city in this wonderful continent. The first time a had […]