Sexuality Before The Spanish Conquest Of Peru

From the Live series “Conversations with a Tour Guide”

Welcome back, today we have a hot topic, it is about Sex back in Prehispanic times, how it was seen, if sexual images were a common thing , if sex was punished, where there any taboos about it? , these and many more questions where discussed and answer during my last live on Facebook that happened today at 6 pm, if you were not able to see it live, I invite you to go back to my Facebook page to see a repetition: @adventuroustravelguide

Now, let’s go back to the pictures I’ve used during my last Live if you want to see them in detail, by the way, my exposition was inspired in one of my favorite books and all the pictures were taken from it:


Is the most complete book I know about this topic . Credit of pictures below to the same book:

Writer and all the credits: Justo Cáceres Macedo

Sex in Prehispanic potteries

Museums in Lima recommended to learn more about this topic:

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