Meet San Isidro, the ultramodern side of Lima – Peru

Westin Hotel

The business district of San Isidro, the financial zone of Lima, commemorates in all aspects modernity, great architectural taste, and high seismic-probe technology, is itself a symbol of XXI century’s fashion.


This part of Lima is not just beautiful and safe, there is no other best-connected area. Located amid Miraflores and Lima’s historical center, this trendy zone has great coffee stores, restaurants, and shops. The most famous hotel in this area (a fashionable building known to the highest of Peru) is the WESTIN, with its 100 meters high is all businessmen favorite, and they prefer its location than any other hotel in touristy Miraflores.

Curious about how to get there? no problems, take a taxi from wherever you are in Lima (you can use UBER if you prefer) to San Isidro’s financial heart, check out its location Clicking Here , you can start your walking on the Westin and go to the Skatepark 6 blocks away, explore around with freedom.

Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez
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