Saint Rose of Lima

img_1351Most Peruvians and Latin Americans are devoted to God, the Virgin Mary and “the Saint of the house” (every family has a preference for a saint, and every saint works in different ways and solves different problems) Some of them are considered super powerful, Like Saint Jude Tadeo considered the saint of impossibles or Saint Martin of Porres “the Saint of the Union” (considered a mediator in family legal disputes), and Saint Anthony …  the saint to get married… we have them for types of needs and situations.

Saint Rose of Lima is one of those famous and beloved saints, is not unusual that local people carry her image in their wallets, and drivers hang a picture of her inside their car or even paint her name on the back of their vehicle’s window for protection. Nowadays, this Patroness Saint of Lima, Peru, the Americas and the Philippines, is so beloved that devoted people from all over the world come to her church in Lima every August the 30th since 1671 (date of her canonization and day of this saint in the religious calendar) to visit and pay respects to the place she used to call home in the downtown of Lima, to see the little hermit where she retract from the world in solitude with the infant Jesus presence that visited her constantly,  and to throw a letter with their wishes on her well.

Who she was?img_1352

Saint Rose of Lima, Born April 20, 1586, Lima, – died August 24, 1617, and named Isabel Flores de Oliva, is the saint of the penitence, prayers, and devotion to God. Her story is amazing, a beautiful girl although strange, tried to look ugly for not trapping any special attentions from men, using all kinds of forms of flagellation, because she chose God to be her only husband… by the way, she never stopped being beautiful…that’s how she was remembered until the last day of her life in the chronicles from Limenians in the XVII century.

Rosa de Santa María, as she was known by the people of her time and before her canonization, according to her followers has granted numerous miracles that have earned her devotees not only in Peru but also in other parts of the world.

The house of Santa Rosa de Lima still preserves the guidelines they had in the sixteenth century when Rosa lived. It is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims, curious, and tourists. If you ever come to this vibrant, dynamic and religious city, come to this church, take a moment to visit the well, and put your wishes in a paper, then in an envelope and throw it inside… one never knows!

Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

Text: Diego Portal & Vanessa Vasquez

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