Project Pieta, Clothes that Change Lives

A few days ago, I learned about a local fashion brand with a very special story, not just another cool clothes and accessories collection, Project Pieta is so much more, and their clothes can change lives.

Visiting this store changed my mind completely about what fashion can do for people, and how many lives can be changed with the initiative on one single person.Β 

Brand new Pieta store at Larcomar mall in Miraflores

I saw Pieta for the first time on Instagram (recently my only source of cool clothing on the internet), and I must confess that they trapped me since the beginning with their beautiful t-shirts and story. As pioneers in their field Pieta is doing awesome, including the concepts of added value, fair price, eco-friendliness, and sustainability in their clothing and accessories line.

Pieta works with people engaged with the story and identity of the brand

Comming from the heart of a Peruvian prison, this is not the typical fashion brand, these are clothes that are changing the lives of about 30 inmates of high-security Peruvian prisons such as San Pedro in San Juan de Lurigancho district (a male prison) and Santa Monica in Chorrillos district (female prison) , positively affecting their families outside prison and potentially their future, giving them all a second chance for an honest economic improvement but most importantly, a possible reinsertion back into society, something hardly seen in my country.


Project Pieta (recalling Michelangelo’s masterpiece) is aΒ  fashion brand created by Thomas Jacob, a French-born designer who was touch by the harsh reality of Peruvian prisons after visiting one some years ago with a friend. This visit opened his eyes to a completely different reality of people living in extreme conditions, very skillful people that wanted to change for themselves and their families, and that had almost no opportunities to be reinserted back into society successfully.

With the only desired of giving these inmates an opportunity to getting out of the poverty circle, Jacob’s decided that the totality of the manufacture of the products happen within the jail. Now, once finished, the pieces go straight to Pieta stores directly to be exhibited, nothing goes in between, no third person, no commissions, ensuring the best quality at a fair price.


The flagship product of the collection is the cotton, more precisely 100% Peruvian Tanguis, one of the best in the world and a high-quality material that is shaped to look fashionable, with motives inspired in prison-tales, and recently with a new and limited line inspired by Peruvian national symbols realized for the independence celebrations, Pieta is the ultimate casual-fashion brand around.

T-shirts, Jackets, hats, bags, jewelry… each one comes in a limited edition, meticulously designed and produced to give you the best souvenir from your stay in a country of creativity, of dreamers and fighters, a land where second chances are possible.

To learn more about Project Pieta click Here.

Photography: Instagram @humberto_delgado_

Special thanks to Lucero from Pieta Larcomar store.

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  1. Ella O'Reilly-Warren says:

    What a fascinating story. So many people are blessed with the ability to recognize an opportunity for those less fortunate and then follow through with their idea(s) Hopefully, the participants will be given the same opportunity when released and continue with a productive life.

    1. Vanessa Vasquez says:

      Yes Ella, one thing is this opportunity given inside prison, the most difficult part comes when they are released , prejudice is the biggest barrier. Thanks for your comment!

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