Post-Quarantine Travel Trends 2020-2021

The pandemic that hit the planet this 2020 has completely changed us all, to the point of being afraid and suspicious of practically everything and everyone; We feel fear of being close to another person, and afraid of hugging our loved ones, many of us feel traumatized and in a constant state of mental alert. In this sui-generis situation, you might ask yourself if Tourism is possible in the short, medium or long term, and if so, what should you take into account when planning your next adventure?

One thing is sure, no matter what profession you have or job you do, you will never forget this year. If the economic activity you belong to will be in the first reactivation blocks of your country, you will surely feel much better earlier than later, and you will be ready to turn the page, leave fear behind and start traveling very soon; Maybe you already found out about the super discounts that airlines, hotels and museums are promoting for the second half of the year, in addition to the tourism revival programs created by the different States, all of these with the sole intention of motivating you to travel again when it’s safe to do so.

And precisely speaking about traveling, it is important to remember that millions of families around the world who live exclusively from tourism have been terribly affected by social distancing measures, without the option of working, living out of their savings, knowing with certainty that this will be one of the last activities to be reactivated, and without a clear idea of when all this will end. I know that all this sounds harsh but it is real, however if you love to travel, if during your travels you learned a lot from those who cared for you, and if they made you feel at home when you were very far from it, surely you will not be indifferent to their situation, and if you wonder, what can I do for tourism?, the answer is very easy, when the storm passes and it is safe share more adventures with your loved ones, travel again.

If you’ve already made the decision and are ready to start building the trip of your dreams, I recommend you to look at the following list of post covid-19 tourism trends, you will find some ideas to plan a socially responsible, safe and fun experience, helping many wonderful people (families and companies) related to tourism to overcome this difficult situation.

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Online Tourism

This is the first form of tourism that you can try even before the quarantine is over. Online tourism already existed for some years, although without the fame of the moment. It is interesting to see the many options that already exist in the market available to enjoy sightseeing experiences without leaving home: virtual tours of museums and historical areas, culinary tours and cocktail demonstrations, and even history and archeology readings are the among the most popular, but also other experiences begin to take importance, such as Yoga classes, drawing, meditation, music, and others.

In all its forms virtual tourism is an excellent way to make contact with the destination you plan to visit in the future and an excellent introduction to local culture, in most cases those who lead these experiences are certified guides, archaeologists, historians, bartenders, fans of cooking, among others. To start your search I recommend visiting With Locals website and get an idea of the cost and duration of tours.

Traveling in small groups

Before, to travel the world cheap it was common to buy a tourist package and join a large group, sharing full buses, restaurant tables and hotels, but after the Coronavirus era things will change a lot, now traveling on a shared group will no longer be cheaper than traveling with a family or small private group, being the latter even much safer and cheaper per person, and much easier to organize for the travel agencies, why?

If you want to relax during your vacation and prefer that a professional organize your entire travel experience, the big tour operators and renowned travel agencies will start betting on small family private tours offering even competitive prices for them, as the new international regulations will require empty spaces in tourist buses and restaurants, couples and family groups that coexist together regularly will be the only ones able to maintain closeness especially in the seating spaces without having to maintain distances between them and during the tours, this will reduce the price per seat for them, also the capacity will be reduced for passengers that don’t know each each other on airplanes and inter-provincial transport, increasing the price for single passengers, a small number of people per tourist guide will be imposed during visits to attractions and museums, and open strict security regulations imposed during the service to avoid spreading of the virus, all this will make much more complicated and expensive to organize large groups of strangers, and will be reflected in the final prices of the shared tour packages. For all the above, family tours will be the new priority for travel agencies on a near future.

Contracting services directly

If you like to organize your trips yourself, enjoy creating your own itinerary and you also want to take all possible distancing precautions for your group I have great news for you, hiring your own services directly will be much easier, safer and cheaper. Most of the local small and medium tourism agencies are finally on the internet thanks to the quarantine, isolation taught us all (more for better than for worse) to improve our OnLine skills. I recommend using TripAdvisor to start your search by visiting Travel Forums: choose forums – country – destination city and start reading real experiences from travelers, you will also find recommendations on services, tours, guides, accommodation, transportation, restaurants, among others. To contact guides directly I recommend: Viator, Tripadvisor Experiences, Toursbylocals and HQ Tours.

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Boutique or family-owned hotels

One of the trends that continues strongly is to use small, family-owned and stylish hotels, also known as boutique. This is a great way to keep accommodation costs low without sacrificing quality and contributing at the same time to formality. You will help many families, and small and medium-size hotel businesses by doing so. Most of these hotels are not fully occupied and the best part, being located in generally old houses they have a limited number of rooms, this is equivalent to: fewer clients – less crowds – less contact with people.

Off-the-beaten track destinations

In general, people no longer want to go to the place where everyone goes to take a photo, do a check on their list and go home; living unique experiences visiting sites that are outside the tourist guides is a trend that has been with us for some years already and will continue be for a long time, however after the Coronavirus era the motivation to look for these destinations will be a bit different: less known sites = less people = less possibility of virus spread.

If avoiding exposing you and your family to large crowds is your priority when traveling, I suggest you to look in the internet forums such as those of TripAdvisor, you can check out videos on YouTube of travel bloggers, there is a lot of information available about new and less frequented sites there.

Another excellent way to have first-hand information is through a local tourist guides, thanks to the internet getting in touch with them and knowing their recommendations is possible and easy. Local knowledge is invaluable and a guide with an online presence and earned credibility will not play with it reputation. Remember before contacting a tour guide to first look for recommendations and comments on their service from reliable sources on the internet.

Tourism of nature

Have you found out how the planet is regenerating during the quarantine? It is incredible to see how fast fauna and flora are recovering from us, honestly this is one of the things that impacted me the most during this period. If you are love nature and cant wait to get in contact with it, this is the ideal time to do so and understand it better.

Nature tours will be the boom in the post Coronavirus period, the options vary from jungle walks, mountaineering, visits to national parks, among others. Many travel agencies have already set their sights on this option. Feel free once more and fill your lungs with fresh air again learning from Mother Earth with your family as soon as you can travel.

Socially-responsable tourism

Tourism is becoming an opportunity to grow spiritually by living unforgettable experiences by getting to know other cultures, and all this through the local people who welcome at each destination.

Visiting an Andean community to learn how to make pottery like our Incas, trying a delicious pachamanca made by a family from Cusco, sleeping in the house of a family from Taquile island on Titicaca Lake, visiting a master healer and participate in a ceremony of payment to Pachamama; these are some of the experiences that the NEW tourist is looking for, and not just taking a selfie at Machu Picchu.

Is all this good for these communities? Of course, in my years of experience as a tour guide and trip leader I have seen with joy how tourism has changed the lives of many families in communities located far from the big and more developed cities, contributing directly to their finances. Before, many generations of children of farmers and artisans saw themselves forced to migrate to the city to financially support their relatives in the countryside because the farm was not enough for everyone, in doing so they not only sacrificed their family relationships, but also their traditions and culture. Many of these communities died due to migration and need. It is now possible for young people to stay and continue their lives together with those they love having the opportunity to have a happy life and with all their needs covered.

The communities that offer us this type of tourism know more than anyone the importance of word of mouth, they work very hard to satisfy the needs of their visitors and always go further in service. Many of these communities have not been infected by covid-19, it is for this reason that they are already fully informed of the appropriate protocols to receive tourists once the quarantine over and visits will be possible, and will be most interested in maintaining the health of the visitor and theirs, too.

Walking and bike tours

Walking and bike tours have become the most interesting ways to get to know the city you are visiting, you can get to know museums, markets, plazas, and everything in the time that best suits your itinerary, and exercising at the same time, this is what I call full package!, you can visit sites and attractions that traditional bus tours do not visit, either because transport is not allowed in some streets or because of traffic, and also because with conventional tours you can only visit a reduced number of places on one area in order to move to other points of the city during the same tour.

But, a more important reason to use these tour options is that, during the post quarantine stage will be better to avoid closed spaces with crowds to avoid exposure to the virus. This tours will be a great alternative, maintaining a safe distance from the guide and other participants, and improving the experience by using headphones to hear the explanation, this is in my opinion an excellent and very safe way to start enjoying cultural tourism and city tours in a short time.

Many travel agencies, local guides and museums are already taking action on this matter, it is only up to you to give us a chance and your trust again, our only desire is to serve you with cordiality and make your visit an unforgettable experience as alway and very soon.

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  1. It will be a new normal for many of us. Thank you for sharing this invaluable information.

    1. Thanks for your comment as well, it is true, things will not be the same after covid19 and there is so much to be learned, specially in tourism. Have a great day

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