Planning to travel? recommendations from a Trip leader

Why is good to travel with a Local guide-Trip Leader?

The first time someone asked me why I wanted to be a tour guide I said: “to deliver life-changing experiences”, 11 years later my answer stills the same.

One day during my Tourism studies a professor said:

– tourists see the country they visit through the eyes of their guide –

That quote changed my life since then I haven’t seen my profession in the same way. Not a glamorous job, being a guide requires courage, lots of positive attitude and passion.

Find a good guide to travel with. I’m sure you will see your destination with a new pair of eyes.


What is the perfect number?

I love to work with small groups,  my perfect number is 8. Why? Easy to get to know each other, we fit in 2 or 3 taxis, no problems for finding last minute reservations at restaurants, only 8 pieces of luggage to count, less hassle.

There are always exceptions, I will never forget this group of 16 passengers! I slept properly only 3 nights out of a 15-day trip. So everything depends on these: good disposition, positive attitude and a bit of good luck!

Any bad stories?

Not many, but a few and unforgettable. I remember one now: a small group of travelers, the perfect number of 8 (4 couples), the only problem: one of the couples was on their early 20s (first holiday together), the others were above 60 and well-traveled. It took a while to get everyone involved but this story ended up pretty good, with lots of beer and good restaurants involved in the process.

Moral: make sure to choose the correct company – brand, a little research can save you having a bad experience and a wasting your money.


Why planning a trip with an organized tour group?

This is maybe the best decision of your life, you will maximize your time hitting the highlights of every destination in the company of an expert that understands the local culture.

Just some last suggestions:

Before the trip: choose the right sized group, this can make a big difference on your tour overall experience.

During the trip: be always honest about your feelings, talk openly to your trip leader (most of us haven’t yet developed the ability of mind reading), try all new foods you can, and above all thing: enjoy every second of your trip no matter what…the only thing that is sure: this will be a life-changing experience.

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