Pisco Sarcay, a drink from heaven

On the Kilometre 75 of the South Panamerican highway is located the access into the district of Azpitia, after taking a dusty road for 15 more min you will finally be at the Sarcay Winery.  (Click Here for exact location)

What’s so special about it? the place offers a heavenly drink of great quality called Pisco



Pisco is a spirituous brandy, strong, transparent, with its 42° of alcohol few drink can beat it, and its flavor makes our national drink a one of the kind…Nowadays has gained international recognition for being the main ingredient to prepare the national cocktail Pisco Sour, is itself a fantastic drink with a tradición of hundreds of years and a story that well deserves to be shared.

Made out of grapes, this national drink was first produced after the Spaniards invasion back in the XVI century. The production of wine and brandy was considered as vital as the one of olive oil..the valleys of the Peruvian cost prove to be fertile enough to not just give great fruits, also a fantastic drink with a quality of export. From the port of Pisco in the department of Ica the first Ships with brandy depart to Spain, later the drink took the name of the port “Pisco”, this word is Quechua (ancient Inka language) and means bird.


Come and celebrate with us the joy of our mixed heritage, enjoy a good Pisco (solo or in a cocktail ) and let the music, good food and company make the rest. Have Fun!!!

Text and photo credit: Vanessa Vasquez

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