Pique macho, a Bolivian classic

11960161_10153328174093192_8249011361107456889_nWhen my first trip to Bolivia was confirmed (about 2 years ago), my well-traveled good friends said to me: don’t forget to try a PIQUE MACHO. I had no idea what is was, it was first described to me as another classic, this time Peruvian, called Salchipapas: French friesΒ + fried hot dog and sometimes a fried egg on top.

Then another friend told me, no.. it is quite like the Lomo Saltado… umm… I was intrigued.

But the Pique Macho is much more than that, it has on top of all the things enlisted before fried tomatoes and onions and green peppers, by the way, the egg is not fried, is boiled.

Try to imagine the flavor…umm… to make it tastier you can add mayonnaise,Β ketchup o mustard, don’t forget the chili paste!.

This local classic can be tasted pretty much anywhere in La Paz – Bolivia, nothing fancy of course, the best and biggest ones are served in restaurants for Bolivianos. Don’t miss to try one.

Photo credit: Vanessa Vasquez

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