Picture of the day : Favorite Night Food in Lima

Not so healthy but delicious, night food in Lima city is rich in calories and flavor , a combination that can’t fail. Here some tips to understand our local classics:

Salchipapa : french fries with fried hotdogs and all the mayo, mustard, ketchup and chilly paste you want on top. Yummy

Burgers and sandwiches (or sanguches) my favorite is chicharron, deep fried pork with fresh onions and boiled sweet potatoes.

Anticuchos: pieces of beef hearts marinated in a salse of chillies, spices and herbs, then grilled.

Mollejitas: tripes marinated in spices, herbs and chilly paste, then grilled and served with boiled potatoes and corn.

Pollo a la brasa: roasted chicken previously marinated in a a salse of herbs and spices, served with french fries and fresh salad.

Bon appetite!

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