Pic of the Day : a Look to Folklore in Peru

An essential part of our daily culture is our folklore, wherever we go or whatever we do, there it is. On the tv spots, on our radios, in the Catholic processions and parades, on christmas and Independence days, or just going to the market, dancers and musicians are displaying their art on the streets as a way of thanking God for his blessings, a way of remembrance of their native towns, or simply a way to make a living by passing the hat. This is our thing.

Common to locals and very strange to foreigners, the local folklore is covered in multicolored clothes and masks, with unusual dance movements that sometimes resemble breakdances , the sexy flapping of a too short skirt by a girl in high heels dressed in a Diabla (she-devil) mask , and sometimes the slow courtship of a rooster around a hen… that strange can be that you never have an idea of what to spect…

If you ever come to Peru and get to hear in the distance the sound of a band playing loud music, don’t waste any time and join the crowd, you never know what to expect and how much you can learn from this cultural expressions.

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