Peruvian “Pollerias”, Roasted Chicken with a Local Touch.

     One of the Peruvian basic meals is the “Pollo a la Brasa” a succulent, high caloric, and always delicious must-try dish. As Usual, the secret is in the sauce used to marinate the chicken before is cooked in a rotisserie style… crunchy outside and juicy inside…just perfect!

Pollerias, name given to the restaurants specialized in preparing roasted chicken, are a great success in Peru. With over 8000 new Pollerias are opened every year this is the most popular type of restaurant only followed by another best seller, the Chifas.

But chicken per say is not the only thing offered at this restaurants, also french fries (papas fritas) and a fresh salad of lettuce, carrots, cucumber, beet, and avocado are part of the traditional local combo.

If you want to have a truly local experience don’t forget to ask for the chili paste or cream (the waiter will bring a Little bowl with a creamy sauce usually quite “Picante” or spicy-hot, add few drops to your plate first) and order an Inka Kola, the local soda.

We take very seriously our love for Pollo a la Brasa, so seriously that we celebrate the national day of this famous dish every third Sunday of July, Best national holiday ever.

Hope you take the chance of trying this very local delicacy. Enjoy!


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