Peruvian Museums You Can Visit from Home

Hello everyone, how is your quarantine going on? … I already ran out of rooms to clean, clothes to fold and toys to pick up; Happily I have three wonderful daughters who mess everything up every time I’m bored justto keep me entertained, so considerate, don’t you think? πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ … who is dealing with this too? …

And just in those moments of stress I start thinking about all the things I used to enjoy doing before isolation; One of those things was visiting museums, in part because of my tour guide job, but also because I love history and visiting museums with my groups is what I love the most in life β€œbefore”. A few days ago I received an invitation from the Ministry of Culture to visit some Peruvian museums in a virtual way, I was very excited, although a little doubtful about how the system worked and if it would be good enough to recommend it to all of you, so I decided to try it first and tell you about my experience. So, this is what I discovered:

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Easy to use

The website was very easy to use, when you enter you can see the names and photographs of all the museums in the front page. I was very surprised by the number of museums available in this format and in my opinion I believe that these virtual tours do justice to them as a way of introduction. I definitely want to meet several of them in person once they are reopened to the public.

Patience is the key

I don’t know if it is the speed of my internet, but it took me a few seconds to load each virtual tour, I imagine that it is partly due to the amount of images and information that each part of the virtual tour contains. Anyways, I still suggest you to not despair, it is worth the waiting. The quality of the images is very good and at times you feel like you are walking inside each of the corridors and rooms of the museums.

Activate the audio symbol

Once you have fully loaded the page of the chosen museum you will find some symbols on the screen, you must first click on the speaker symbol πŸ”‰ to load the descriptive audio. This audio is only in Spanish at the moment. You can listen to it while you walk virtually through the museum.

Not all rooms on each museum have their own audio although you will always find one at the beginning of the virtual tour as a form of introduction, these audios last a few minutes. My recommendation is to keep an eye on that symbol if you see it later, it is very important to listen to all the explanation to understand the historical context of the exhibition and the museum area where are you.

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Displacement maps

At the bottom of the page of each museum you will find a symbol where you can open a map with points inside, you can go move in the museum by clicking on each of these points, by doing so you can get close to showcases, maps on the walls and objects that are part of the exhibition.

Information of the pieces in display

Once you are close enough to the showcases you will find some symbols like:❗️and 3D, the first symbol means that there is an informative text available about the piece (some of them in Spanish and English), and the second symbol means that you can see the piece in better resolution.

Note: These options are not available for all the pieces, possibly for not overloading the page and slow it downtown to much.

You can access all these museums by clicking on the link below and enjoy the selection that the Ministry of Culture of PerΓΊ has prepared for you:

I hope your experience with these museums helps you to plan your next trips within Peru. Thank you very much to the Ministry of Culture for this great effort. Remember that these experiences do not replace being at one of these museums at all, in addition to the excellent work profesional tour guides develop in each one of these sites, teaching you history on a didactic way, telling you their anecdotes and answering your questions. Remember that by traveling you are actively supporting the local economy.

Don’t wait any longer, organize a family afternoon and enjoy a virtual getaway together, have fun!

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