Peru’s Coast, Highlands and Jungle in 11 days

Peru is divided in Coast, Highlands, and Jungle, this trip will take you to all these natural regions of this country and you will learn at the same time the beauty and contrast of this land of the Incas.
Day 1        : (Lima ) Pick-up from Airport transfer to the hotel.
                   Breakfast at hotel included
                   City tour of Lima Starting at about 10 am
                   Lunch included during tour
                   Return at about 6 pm.
                   Hotel night in Miraflores
                   (dinner on own)
Day 2         : (Lima – Iquitos) Breakfast at hotel included
                   Pick up from hotel to airport for morning flight (there is an available flight                           leaving at 10:10 am and landing at 12:15)
                   City tour of Iquitos (run by Muyuna Lodge)
                   Lunch included
                   Hotel night in Iquitos
                   (Dinner on own)
Day 3        : (Iquitos ) Breakfast at hotel included
                   start at about 9 am, Pick up to take you to the lodge and start with the activities                    of your  3 days / 2 nights in Muyuna
                    Lunch and dinner included
                    Afternoon activity: walk to lake to learn about local fauna
                    Night activity: boat drive to spot caimans and nocturnal animal
                   overnight at lodge.
Day 4        : (Iquitos) Breakfast at lodge included
                    morning walk to learn about medicinal plants
                    Lunch and dinner included
                    visit a lake to fish endemic species as piraña
                    Night walk
                    Overnight at lodge
Day 5        : (Iquitos) Breakfast at Lodge included
                    Boat drive to Amazonas river in the search for more endemic animals such as                     the pink dolphins
                    Lunch included
                    Return to Iquitos and transfer to airport (available flight departing at 20:10,                          arriving in Lima at 21:55)
                    Dinner on own (local guide will give you some directions about this topic)
                    Transfer to Hotel in Miraflores and overnight
Day 6         : (Lima – Ica) Breakfast at hotel included
                    drive to Ica making some stops on the way and visit the Huacachina Oasis to                       get on a sand buggy (and if you want, practice some sandboarding, if not just                       enjoy the view of the desert.
                    Lunch included at tradicional restaurant.
                    Arrival to hotel
                    (Dinner on own)
Day 7         : (Ica – Lima) Breakfast at hotel included
                    depart to the airport of Ica to do the overflight to Nasca Lines flight takes                               about 1 hour)
                    Guided visit to the Regional Museum of Ica to see ancient mummies and                               textiles Nasca and Paracas.
                    Lunch included
                   Return to Hotel in Miraflores
                   (Dinner on own)
Day 8        : (Lima – Cusco- Maras & Moray – Aguas Calientes town) Early Breakfast                                     included
                    transfer to airport for an early flight (available flight at 08:00 landing at 9:30 )
                    visit to Salt mines of Maras + Moray 
                    Arrival to Ollantaytambo and transfer to train station (available train                                     departing at 15:37)
                    Afternoon Train to Aguas Calientes town located 2200 m.a.s.l. to avoid altitude                     sickness and help your body to adjust, on the way you will be seeing the                                 sacred valley of the Incas
                    Lunch included in Urubamba
                    Rest of the day to rest
                    overnight in Aguas Calientes town
Day 9        : (Machu Picchu – Ollantaytambo) Early Breakfast included
                    Early visit to Machupicchu tour
                    Lunch included
                    afternoon visit to the little town and quick shopping and train back to                                     Ollantaytambo (ideal train leaves at 16:22 arriving at  Ollantaytambo train                           station at 18:10) 2700 m.a.s.l.
                    Arrival to hotel and time to explore the town with our guide.
                    Dinner on own
                    Overnight in Ollantaytambo
Day 10      : (Ollantaytambo – Cusco) Breakfast included
                   on way to Cusco: Ollantaytambo archaeological site + Pisac market +                                      Sacsayhuaman + city tour  +  cathedral + Coricancha
                   Lunch and dinner-Show included
                   Overnight in Cusco
Day 11      : (Cusco – Lima) Breakfast included
                     A day at leisure in Cusco to visit the historical center, do shopping, visiting                            a trendy restaurant of your preference, and enjoy the local museums                                      included in your full ticket purchased by our guide.
                     We will ask a late check-out in the hotel for your convenience.
                    Transfer to airport at about 5 pm (the best flight for you departs from Cusco at                      19:30 and lands in Lima at 21:05) giving you a great margin of time to catch                          your international flight.
————End of Program————–
Flight tickets Lima – Iquitos / Iquitos – Lima  & Lima – Cusco / Cusco – Lima
Local Guides
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**prices will vary for bigger groups.
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