Park Maria Reiche, Miraflores-Lima

The park María Reiche is one of the most beautiful of Miraflores by night time, the location of the park right above the cliff, and the figures of the Nazca lines illuminated by night time, its multicolored flowers and the very sea view make this place a good destination for anyone looking for a relaxing walk.

The name of the park is a commemoration to a beloved and celebrated woman by all Peruvians, Maria Reiche was a German mathematician. Loved by the people of Nazca (a town located in the south of Peru) they thanked her passion for protecting one or our patrimonies the mysterious lines of Nazca, and our millenarian history renouncing to her home country and life in Germany to never return there, and staying in this country until her passing in 1998. Fruit to her many years of investigations we now can understand better our Pre-Inca culture called Nazca. She helped to uncover their story from the sands of the dessert, thanks to her the world is interested now in overflying those drawings, looking to see them to their full extent as it was meant to be done by the Gods that reside on the skies.

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Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez
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