Our E-cookbook: “From our Kitchen With Love”

Thanks for your interest in Peruvian food and our cookbook, we hope you find it interesting and that it becomes an easy guide to the heart of Peruvian cuisine and every Peruvian.

This is a work in the process yet, and you are allowed to get a sneak peek at our updates to our cookbook before anyone else, we are adding new content to our book each month. We plan to Have it ready on Feb 2023. We hope you enjoy reading this book, being part of its creation process, and helping us with the themes included.

You can find this PDF below and print it, you will also find an easy video guide to each recipe where you will learn how to do each dish step by step, with recommendations on alternatives to complicated products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions to improve the book or new recipes you would like us to add using the contact form below.

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