Off the beaten Track: Marshlands of Villa, the green side of Lima

This box-of-surprises we all call Lima is usually seen as a plain desert, maybe in part because we have created most of what we call desert starting in the 40’s a process of aridification of the soils of Lima to urbanize it. In reality, this city has different microclimates and the desert is only a part of it. The ancient inhabitants of Lima lived on a valley that they improved with water channels, they were great engineers, urban planners, and organic builders. The less known side of Lima is the marshlands. In them we have several endemic and foreigner species of birds and insects…we humans are expanding the desert and destroying the gift of life given to us by our ancestors.

The Pantanos de Villa is definitely a highlight of Lima, this place located only 30 min away from Miraflores in the touristic center of the city, is a natural green patch of life, with over 100 species of birds visiting this place every year is an important stopover in the migration process of several birds. The lagoons in this territory are actually filtrated water from the nearby river Lurin located 10 km away from here.

This is a great natural experience for people of all ages. Come to visit and see the other side of this “desert” city.

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