Nikkei food, Peruvian-japanese tradition

Mouth watering, isn’t it?

This traditional Peruvian-Japanese food goes back to the time of the big immigration from Japan, entire families came to Peru after the second world war looking for stability and the opportunities that were neglected to them in their own country, looking for progressΒ in a more peaceful environment, these hard working people were since then dedicated to the agricultural work and to various other businesses, eventually becoming their descendants successful businessmen and politicians.

Some of them, maybe terribly homesick and missing their traditional food, made the desition of exploring in the local product’s ingredients a more suiting flavor for creating something delicious with a home-taste. That’s the starting point of the Nikkei food, a Peruvian-Japanese marriage.

All times classic Japanese Sushi has a very local version named: ACEVICHADO (recalling the Peruvian ceviche)

…and a now Peruvian classic: the TIRADITO, is indeed a proud Nikkei dish.

Peru is a melting pot, and we are very proud of being the country of many cultures, colors, and flavors.

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