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Did you know that you can visit Peru without traveling to Peru?

Hi, my name is Vanessa Vasquez and I’m your tour guide in the capital city of Peru, if you wish to have a private one on one virtual Lima tour of this vibrant city with a local and have a fun, relaxing time with friends and family, want to celebrate a special occasion, or are planning a future in-person tour to this destination and want to get a taste of it first, these virtual experiences are for you.

Participate on a private, customizable Zoom tour with me, we have more than 20 local experiences that include:

🇵🇪Walking tours
🇵🇪Visits to archaeological sites and museums
🇵🇪Cooking classes
🇵🇪Cocktail-making classes.

You will love what we have for you!.

Our tours are oriented to families, friends, schools, university students, company employees, and anyone with curiosity in learning about the local food, culture, and history.

You can contact us on :
Instagram: @adventuroustravelguide
Facebook: @adventuroustravelguide
YouTube: @adventuroustravelguide

Looking forward to seeing you!

Press play and start your Lima adventure with us

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