My Support Guides

This travel guide and tourism business wouldn’t see light without the help of wonderful people, family and friends that support with they opinions , work and great ideas this proyect. Especial thanks to them all.


Marek Zakrzewski (Lima and rest of Peru)

He is not just the best guide – Trip leader of the world, he is passionate archaeologist and above all good things a great husband and best friend. He speaks polish as well, so we think it will be a great idea to prepare a polish version of this blog.Sometimes he takes my groups when I’m not availble and imprints his own style in his tours. He drives as good as he guides , so he may be our driver if we are a small group.

Luis Martin Vilchez (Lima)

A close friend since long, we are both commited the make the time of our clients as enjoyable an unforgetable as possible, he is since long colaborating with me when I’m not available to guide my own groups, if for any reason I’m not available for you, Im sure you’ll be delighted to be with this rock star of tourism.

Mike Lazo (Cusco)

With great knowledge and personality, is a formed archaeologist and tour guide, expert in the Inka Trail and Incan sites in this hometown Cusco (14 years dedicated to tourism) has what it takes to be a wonderful guide, love for his culture and passion for his job. There is no way you can get bored with his hundreds of stories about the Inka trail.

Luis Enrique Abarca (Puno)

A native of the highlands, is a true ambassador of his hometown Puno and a great storyteller, there is no question that he can’t answer about history and culture of his town. Fan of History, Arqueology and Antropology books, has great carisma and beautiful english language.