Molle, the virtuous tree

imagesThis beautiful native tree of Peru called MOLLE is an evergreen tree, adapted to the climates of the 3 natural regions of Peru: coast, highlands, and jungle. A tree of great healing properties made it back in the Incan times, a plant of great value for our native people, among its many uses we know it as a dying, for medicinal purposes, ornamental, and even as a pesticide. It was so appreciated by our ancestors that it was called “virtuous tree“.

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What is it good for?:

  • The prehispanic chemists obtained from the molle a yellow dye, used for dyeing textiles that can be seen now in museums.
  • They also managed to make with the fruits of molle a fermented chicha or beer consumed and appreciated in those times, which became a product to be exchanged for fish, dehydrated potatoes, and other goods.
  • Great medicine for a sore throat with gargles, stomach ache in the case of amebas as a purge, for toothache, and many more uses, the knowledge about the medicinal uses of this plant comes from prehispanic times and is partially known in these days.
  • The Incas used the resin of this plant to embalmed their mommies the help in the preservation of them.
  • Fertilizer for plants
  • Strong wood for carpentry and great for reforestation (windbreaker)
  • Its resin can be converted into chewing gum
  • and over 40 other practical uses.
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For sure this is a virtuous plant, you can see it in many parks of Lima and in the rest of the country.

Text Diego Portal & Vanessa Vasquez

Photo credits: Internet

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