Missing the cold days of winter.

In Lima never gets too cold , we dont get snow or rains, but Lima is humid, so the thermic sensation can decreas greatly, during winter a good cup of hot chocolate can make a big difference.

I wear gloves, thermic hat and poncho at 15ΒΊ C. (tipycal limenian behavior)

When I’m in my biking phase, meditating is a good way to calm my mind and be prepare emotionally to face those crazy macho-drivers of Lima

Now is summer, hot and humid…I was feeling nostalgic about the cold winter days, about my hot chocolate cup. For a moment I missed the grayness of our sky during winter.

One of my last winter rides in bicycle was to the “Olivar” or olive grove of San Isidro, Is huge park in the center of the city. with a size of 23 hectaires is home for more 1675 olive trees and various types of birds (my favorite: the vermilion fly catcher).

soon those humid, cold, gray days will come.

P.S: come back soon winter, we miss you here.

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