Markets are a pleasure for the eyes

Today I went to a Supermarket to do my regular groceries shopping and stopped for a little while in front of the fruits section, I was surprised with the variety of types, most of them were from the jungle and therefore pretty expensive.

Time for a little lesson of local fruits: in the pictures from left to right, starting on the upper line: granadilla ( passion fruit), orange, Chirimoya (custard apple) Tuna (cactus fruit) cocona, apples , toronja (grapefruit) , pear, more tuna fruit, mangoes, granada (pomegranate), more tuna fruits, mamey, coconut.

This supermarket named Candy has a good variety of fruits, cheeses, vegetables and meats, is quite smaller than many other supermarkets, prices are very convenient! (for supermarket’s location click Here)

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