Marcahuasi, UFOs and mysticism

images (2)The first time I visited the mysterious Marcahuasi was about 12 years ago, I went there looking for a short holiday in the company of fellows wannabe-guides. I knew about the fame of this place since long before: a magnet for UFOs, a place of energies, a place where spirits or ghosts can be felt and seen… I was looking for that, and that’s what we got.

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My first incursion into that place was unforgettable, an energetic 21-year-old with a bunch of other 20-something-year-olds, camping in the middle of a high plateau alone and in the solitude of the night, I don’t know if what we experienced was for real or a product of our imaginations but this is a list of the things we saw then:

  • On the first night camping out (campsite was about 700 meters away from the last town to Marcahuasi) we ALL saw a ghost (a person all in a bright white) floating from the cemetery in the direction to the nearest town at 1 am in the morning, Take into account that for the cold at night NOBODY in the highlands leaves home after 8 pm.
  • On day two during the walkings, the group experienced the presence of someone behind them walking at a close distance all the time or were seeing someone walking on the distance that suddenly disappeared, we were told by the people of the nearby town that those were ghosts.
  • By night time on that same day, red lights in the distance were moving on the nearby hills but in a zone where no towns or houses were located (that was checked next morning)
  • Constant discharging of batteries from cameras with no apparent reason.
  • Finally, UFO’s clearly seen by ALL the group, moving on the sky slowly first, then fast as shooting stars and then changing directions, they were many and even one got super close to us, so close that we could see the roundness of the object, we were so freaked out that we turned off the lanterns, right after the object vanished.

I’m sure you are at this point more confused that in the beginning of your reading, now let me explain what this place is:

Marcahuasi (click for more info) is a place of peculiar geologic formations, considered since prehispanic times a sacred place or a site of important religious value, there can be found yet tombs from that epoch with still human remains inside. Nowadays, Shamans or healers come to this place to perform rituals and practice ceremonies to ask for special favours to the deities of the Andes that rest on the nearby hills, evidence of those practices can be seen everywhere left near some special rocks, where magical objects (Chica beer, coca leafs, food, figurines and even animals sacrificed) are given to the spirits.

To get there is not easy, so you need to hire an expert guide and bring high mountain equipment, food is not available once you leave the last town called San Pedro de Casta. so there is a lot of logistics that have to be made before heading in that direction. To see the exact location of this place click Here.

This site is very well known in Peru for its mysticism and for the observation of UFOs. If you are looking for an unusual experience this is the place,  a great location to see beautiful landscapes and a starry sky that will reload anyone with good vibes.

Photo credits: Internet

Text: Diego Portal & Vanessa Vasquez

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