(NEWS) Made in Peru: Maras Pink Salt

     Have you heard about Maras Pink salt? This variety of salt has become one of the top Peruvian products for exportation in the last years and in this article I will explain to you why you should include this product as a unmissable souvenir from your Peru trip.

This minerals-rich salt is extracted from Cusco, Urubamba-Maras since pre-Inca times,  it is still consumed by locals for locals as table salt and has multiple health benefits. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, it is naturally extracted by hand and offers a work opportunity to the residents of that area of Cusco.

Pink salt from Maras – Cusco

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Although its humble origins , Maras Pink Salt is now considered a gourmet product, and by buying it you will help many local producers and their families to have an alternative to agriculture, tourism and specially mining that can be a very dangerous work and is known to cause an irreversible damage in the environment, and  did I mentioned that is Pick 💕? . Enough reasons to take Maras salt with you when visiting Cusco!

Salt flats of Maras

Local producers are also doing great things with their salt diversifying their offer, now you can find smoked salt for barbecue, the mix salt with pepper and local spices, and even medicinal salt for swollen or tired feed , of for a relaxing bath.

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Smoked salt for barbecue

As proud peruvians and trips organizers we love to share with our travelers the uniqueness of our country, that includes promoting local business initiatives and products, our Peru trips include of course Cusco, and in particular a stop at the Salt mines of Maras, for an spectacular tour in this place and to learn who the Incas used to obtain their salt hundreds of years ago.  Don’t miss to ask for a tour to Maras on your next Peru trip, andsurprisee everyone back home with the deluxe salt of the Incas.

Note: Unfortunately we don’t offer or sell Maras Pink Salt, the intention of this post is only informative.


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