Made in Peru: Maras Pink Salt

     Have you heard about Maras Pink salt? This is one of the top Peruvian products for exportation, this rich-in-minerals salt is extracted from Cusco, Urubamba-Maras since pre-Inca times, for locals consumption and has multiple health benefits. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, still is naturally extracted by hand.

Pink salt from Maras – Cusco

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This is now considered a gourmet product, and is pink 💕 and by buying it you will help many local producers and their families. Enough reasons to take Maras salt with you when visiting Cusco!

Salt flats of Maras

Local producers are also doing great things with their salt, they have the smoked salt for barbecue, the mix sal with pepper and local spices, and the medicinal for swelled tired feed of for a relaxing bath

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(Esp) Has escuchado sobre la sal rosada de Maras? Este es uno de nuestros productos bandera en Peru con calidad de exportación. Esta sal de alta concentracion es rica en minerales como calcio, magnesio, hierro y zinc, y tiene un excelente sabor. Comprándolo apoyaras a pequeños productores y sus familias. Muchas buenas razones para llevarte uno a casa!

smoked salt for barbecue


Los productores locales son muy ingeniosos para ofrecer su sal rosada, encuéntrala ahumada para parrillas, combinada con pimienta y hierbas aromáticas, o medicinal para pies cansados o un baño relajante.

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