Maca: the blessed tuber


As this sign prays: Maca is good for many things:

  • Its a miraculous root
  • Brings energy to phisicly or mentaly tired people
  • Rich in mutrients
  • Strengtes your inmune system
  • No more flu (strengest inmune system)

But also is internationaly recognized as a natural viagra!, yes… the answers from mother nature for that unconfortable situation comes in the form of a little potatoe, more precisely a tuber.

Our favorite way to have it is as a drink, a boiling of Maca. All its properties still there inside. A great way of starting a busy day that requests all your energy and even more.

A local breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a bread with avocado, or maybe with omelette? Maybe chicharron (deep fried pork) or the always delitious fried egg. Umhh….Im feeling hungry already.

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