Little Port, “El Chaco” in Paracas, PerΓΊ.

Life passes by slowly in the small towns, that s the case of “El Chaco”, a fisherman town located 300 km away from Lima

The main activity for the local small community is tourism, and they do it really well, every time I go to visit there is something new, more restaurants, bars, hotels, and stores… all of them of great quality and for all budgets. This is the official start for the bestseller local tours: Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve, also has restaurants with ocean view, great ceviche and fish fillet (the freshest) and live music courtesy of local musicians. Don’t forget to visit the souvenirs section!

Tourism is the main activity for this community that is traditionally dependent on fishing
Is always good to make new friends, especially is the new friends are cute pelicans and a child.

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the neighbors of this port are sailors, they all love tourism and see this activity as a great way of improvement for the community

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