Lima’s Park of Love, where love is in the air

The most romantic park of Lima city is definitely the “Parque del Amor” or Love Park, located right above the cliff of Miraflores distric looking straight the Pacific, is the best scenario for a photo session and to be witness of the sunset in company of your beloved one. No plans for the afternoon and you are in Miraflores area? A walking of no more that 15 min. will take you there (if you are not sure how to get this place as to the receptionist of your hotel). Make sure of taking with you a light sweater if you are planing to stay there until after sunset, and umbrella (para-sun), hat and sunglasses if you come during the day time (the sun can be killer here in summer)


Grab a goodΒ book about Peru (you can check my book recommendations Here)Β and get some rest, take a break of the noises of the city.

So, no needs to say more about it, no excuses to skip it if there is some time to kill. Come to enjoy the view and visit one of the most iconic parks of Lima!



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