Lima’s Main Square, is worth visiting? (with video)

Welcome back, today I will talk about the Main Square of Lima and if you should visit this place.

The Main square is the hearth of the city, and in my opiniΓ³n is a must see place. Not just for the beautiful building and the history of this site, but also for what it represents for the locals. Lets focus on the highlights of this place first:

Main Saquare’s Fountain

The fountain from 1651, made of bronze, has 2 interesting details: the angel of fame on top and the dragons and lions on the base.

Lima’s Cathedral

The main square was established by the spanish Conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro in 1535,  Next they established the Cathedral of Lima, a building mainly from the 17th century with later modifications.. It is nowadays a museum, opening times Mon to Fri 9 – 5, Sat 9 – 5, Sun 1 – 5.

Archbishop Palace

The Archbishop palace , built in 1924 is a modern gem of Neo colonial architecture. Its is also a museum opened Mon to Sat 9 – 5 .

Government Palace

The government Palace is the house of Peru’s President and office, everyday at noon takes place in here the Change of Guards. This is a free activity, come to see it!

We regularly have protests near the main square, the riot pΓ³lice comes Handy in these cases. They are here every day. Important: When protests happen near the square it is closed to all the public, including turists.

City Hall

Another important building is the City Hall of Lima, with a Neo colonial style is decorated with impresive enclosed wooden balconies, you will see two flags on top, one of Peru (red and white) and the other of Lima (yellow)

The other buildings around the enframe perfectly the square, giving it a colonial air, althoguht most of these buildings are from the 20th century it Works out perfectly.

You can come to try good local food near the square, one of my favorite restaurants is Peru Gourmet located only half block away. To conclude this Little post, yes, I this it worth paying a visit to this place.

I have prepared a video about this site on our Youtube Channel, watch it below!

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