Lima, The Gray and Beautiful.

Β  Β  Β For some reason most people think that Lima city (capital of PerΓΊ) is tropical and sunny until they visit us… then people start thinking that is going to rain at any minute and start looking for an umbrella…locals usually smile a bit after hearing that…we have never used an umbrella. Located next to the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range, bathed by the Humbolt current and near the equatorial line,Β  Lima is misty and foggy for about 7 months every year (from April to October.)

One of the friends of the city of Lima, the pelicans, they like people and most importantly, like the food fisherman give them… fresh fish. you can see them on Pescadores beach in Chorrillos district.

Lima’s grayness gives this city an special character, Lima has an interesting, mysterious, bohemian, fresh climate during winter, that invites you to be hugged by your boyfriend (that is the season most proper to start courtship) while you are walking together through the streets and parks of Miraflores (like the Love Park)Β  or Barranco, a good time to take a hot drink like a hot chocolate or the local “Emoliente” (a must-try local drink that you can get at any corner of Lima) without needing to wear too heavy clothes, gloves or hats….don’t forget the unique landscape of the city facing the ocean and that mysterious halo that is unforgettable . I can’t see any ugliness in Lima’s gray sky.

The rocky beaches of Lima match perfectly with its gray sky

who said gray is Ugly? Not for us… here gray is the new blue, and after this article, I hope gray turns into your favorite color as well after visiting Lima.

Sometimes a beautiful sunset can surprise you. View from the Love park in Miraflores district.

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