Learn to cook like the locals, cooking lessons in Lima

Peruvian food is famous, this you know well, so why not to learn to cook like the locals?

You can for sure learn the local tips to make a good Pisco Sour, or a ceviche that tastes like heaven. So, to be put in the right hands you need to visit : La Sirena restaurant , located in Chorrillos district – Lima , they are the experts and show you how to do it in 1 master class.

Located at “La Herradura” beach is another romantic location of the city, to get into the beach you have to first pass next to this other restaurant named EL SALTO DEL FRAILE (the jump of the fraire) its name is inspired by a love story of a monk that suicided because her love was taken away from him against her will for ever.

So, once you get to your restaurant the fun starts, Causa de Cangrejo (cake like potatoes mashed with a stuffing of crab) , Ceviche and Pisco sour.

(1) Causa de cangrejo, (2) ceviche, (3) pisco sour, (4) final toast.

This is the best picture I could make of my ceviche, I am not sure if the picture makes any justice the how delicious it was….Really, it was so good!

Enjoy the simple things of life, good food and a good drink are enough to make happy any heart.

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