Larco Museum, top attraction of Lima

     When comes the time for a good museum in Lima, your first option should be the Larco Museum.  Unfortunately, Time for touring Lima city is limited, so choosing the right places to visit becomes vital in a city of 43 districts, several museums, and a hectic traffic that sometimes becomes a nightmare.

Larco museum is a private collection conformed by over 45000 pieces of potteries, textiles , silver and gold pre-Inka, all in one same place.

The museum is homed by a restored colonial house from the 18th century

Established first on 1926 in Trujillo (north coast of Peru), and moved to Lima on the 1960’s, this huge private collection is conformed by over 45000 pieces of potteries, textiles, silver and gold pre-Inka,  and is perfectly explained in a chronological sequence.  If history museums are always on your must-see list, this museum should be put on the top as an unmissable destination.

Some of the highlights of this collection are the Portrait vessels, these super realistic potteries have no comparison in all pre-Hispanic Peru and the entire Americas. The Erotic pottery is another one, so famous and quite unique due to the explicit sexual scenes related to the fertility that are very acclaimed worldwide , They were all made by the skillful hands of the local artisans during times of the Moche Culture, dating back the 7th century of our era, many centuries before the Incas appeared in the map.

The museum is divided into different sections , a introductory and stone heads room with curious heads sculpted in the shape of feline-human, the pottery room with ceramics proceeding from different locations and epochs of our pre-colonial history, the textile room with fabrics obtained from digging tombs, a sacrifice room all dedicated to explain  the importance of this human sacrifices in the ancient world. The warfare room and the evidence of the weapons used in the ritual fights, a completely different view of the war and their impact on their societies. The jewelry section with gold and silver transform in decorative items that denoted also status. Don’t forget to visit the museum’s library, it has a fantastic selection of pre-Columbian history books in several languages.

Portrait vessels, these super realistic potteries have no comparison in all pre-Hispanic Peru and the entire Americas

Other sections are: the Museum’s storage with over with an amazing collection of pieces is open to the public, something very unusual among museums. The erotic gallery where sexuality vessels were a petition for fertility, there you can learn sex in the pre-hispanic times, sexual taboos, birth, sexually transmitted diseases, and the important role of the death in the fertility of our world from the life-after.

View of the museum’s restaurant “Cafe del Museo” by night time from the garden.

Once here don’t forget to visit the gift shops of the museum, supplied with replicas of potteries from the exhibited (especially erotic pottery) and jewelry exhibited in the collection among other things.

Museum’s garden and a cactus tree called Chandelier, in Spanish Candelabro

By the way, The restaurant of the museum is outstanding, great food and incomparable location near to the most amazing garden in the museum location, highly recommended!

I hope I have given you enough reasons to visit the Larco Museum, here great food, culture and history, high-quality shops and a moment of entertainment are waiting for you.

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