La Paz City, Living above the clouds. Travel Tips from a Guide.

la-paz-city-vanessa-vasquezThis city is a box of surprises, La Paz ( 10,650 to 13,250 feet // 3,250 to 4,100 meters), the administrative capital of Bolivia and the seat of its government is, from any angle you see it, a one of a kind place… a must-visit city in this wonderful continent.

The first time a had the chance to visit this place was as well the first time I went out of my country, Bolivia is not so different from Perú in many ways, but stills another country, and it can be on the other hand very different to Lima (where I come from) so before my eyes I was excited, shocked and fascinated, all at the same time.


In La Paz there is no way to go flat,  instead, you always go downhill or uphill… the cars and drivers are prepared for this situation but most of the first-time visitors probably won’t! Before having two heart-attacks just think in this: they are the local experts and this is they everyday routine, so everything is under control!

To skip this traffic the “Paceños” or La Paz citizens now have a Teleferico or cable car… how wonderful was before my eyes this great way of transportation, fast and efficient, as well cheap. Travel Tip: Local tour operators are including a ride in the Cable car during their tours in the city, request it ahead of time.

The centre of the city, historical center or downtown is very unique and have great architecture, once there what you can’t miss is the witches market, there you can find all kinds of poisons do cure a broken heart, to increase your virile power, or to make a baby boy, to flourish your business, literally anything!.

Another great attraction of the city is the moon valley, an out-of-space landscape not far from the center, even closer if you go in Teleferico… worth the visit! natural formations, the marks of thousands of years of erosion on the sediment of an extinct lake, a quiet site for making great pictures.


Finally, this post is missing something….food!, a restaurant I’ve tried with my last group was The English Pub !, English traditional food (fish and chips), and Bolivian beer (try my favorite Huari,), a great combination.

Address: Av. Illampu 740, La Paz, Bolivia

Always happy faces at the end of the day… come to visit a unique city, see its true beauty and fell its heart.

Happy adventures!

Text and photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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