La Feria, the fair of Barranco that you shouldn’t miss.

   Last Friday I was strolling around Barranco with my husband, we were actually looking for somewhere new to go, then I remember about this friend that said something about this weekend fair that has all sore of things locally made with great prices, and as we like to share those type of places with you we didn’t waste any time and immediately head there…

“La Feria”, Jr. Unión 108, Barranco – Lima

La Feria is the coolest place in Barranco, Located only 1 block away from the district’s main square, is a mix of boho-hipster-trendy-folk flair, all at the same time and in one same place. At the entrance, you can read on a board the free activities for the month, the 3 opening days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. This free activities change every month (their activities will be updated on our event’s calendar).


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A few steps inside and, as at a farmer’s market, little stands with the most unique products you can imagine. There is suddenly so much around you that a friendly sign shows all you can get there, making clear that you are in the right place: Art, Culture, adoptions of pets, live music, locally made products, food court, unique designs, free workshops and good Vibe!

sleep masks and other cute stuff
Peruvian Chocolate tasting

Definitely I felt in the right place, it was not only safe for me to go around with my camera taking pictures of the stuff offered, I felt so welcomed by the shops owners to do so… they were very kind, and proud to show all their products, most of them made by themselves at home or at small ateliers.

…beautiful sunglasses and watches made of wood! eco-friendly, locally made and fashionable…

Everything was beautiful and of great quality, honestly…I couldn’t buy enough.. and they take credit cards too! OMG…I knew I was in troubles, my husband knew it too.

Here some of the stands and stuff I saw/visited:

  • First stand on the right, very cute sleep masks, price 10 soles (about 3 dollars), they come in different colors and designs.
  • Peruvian Chocolate tasting and chocolate for sale.
  • Cano & Alva stand has the most beautiful sunglasses made of wood! eco-friendly, locally made and fashionable, they also have a line of watches, all of great quality and durability made as well from wood and other materials, all 100% Peruvian product. The best souvenir from Peru. Click HERE for more info.
  • Food is an important part of our culture, you can find many stands, I just could try a couple: Yananqura has teas and infusions made from local herbs, also juices made from Peruvian fruits. Yummy and refreshing.
  • Not just local food, another stand I found was Onaka Sushi, Japanese food is one of my favorite and this one I really liked.
  • Lest move to the clothes! all of the stands have something great to offer, I found in these 3 stands stuff I really liked: in the stand 58, t-shirts, hats, and bags with nationalistic Peruvian images such as the coat of arms of Peru, images of national heroes and Andean-indigenous symbolism, really cool stuff all made with local products, especially Pima cotton, known to be the best quality cotton in the world.
  • The stand Malicia and Atipana (click on names for more info) both near the front stage, at the rear of the fair, have cute clothes designed by the very vendors only on sale here.
  • And the list continues, you can find hipster socks, cute kids clothes, lots of things with unicorn design… there is something for everybody.
…images such as the coat of arms of Peru, images of national heroes and Andean-indigenous symbolism…

…cute clothes design by the very vendors only on sale here…

After my visit to the fair I headed for a walk, I made a stop at the famous cable car of Barranco, one of the symbols of this district, and took a couple of pictures for you. If you visit Lima don’t miss to see Barranco, is one the best postcards from this district you can take home with you.

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