Jaguars, the guardians of the Jungle

13312677_10153888071363192_5932147096341656668_nPeru has over 754.139,84 km² of forest or as we call it Amazon region (57,9% of our territory) most of it is inhospitable territory, where no modern man has stepped in, unseen flora and fauna, and even uncontacted men are protected by the Wilderness, one their guardians is the Jaguar.

The first time I saw one was at a zoo, I was a child and back them I remember I thanked God for having a metallic gate separating us, the poor animal’s eyes were sad, maybe wondering how to leave such horrible site in which he was put in…maybe still wondering to go back the forest…I had no idea, but that moment marked me forever,  I had no idea what to think about that but I knew that Zoos were not my thing. My second encountering with a Jaguar was in a completely different environment.

Many years after, on a tour to the south jungle of Peru (Madre de Dios- Tambopata reservation), working as a tour leader, my group and I were at a lodge in the middle of the forest, looking for a night adventure on the river, we knew that with some good luck we would be spotting that night a couple of Caymans… I had no idea what was awaiting for us there in the darkness.

13307220_10153888071203192_8968069981855038655_nIt was night time, a full moon on the sky, after some minutes of boat drive in the darkness and seeing some Caymans we heard the grave roar of a powerful Jaguar, then our local guide corrected himself, no…! there are two!..

13267866_10153888071123192_41610698530958043_nThey were mating, there were free and wild, fearless, the King and Queen of the jungle, we were distant and quiet, we were in shock! nothing could compare to that experience, being the spectator of such spectacle…we were told that they could be there for days and at the end of their encountering will take separate ways forever. She is an independent mother indeed. If you are interested in learning more about Jaguars just click Here for more info.

My inner child was excited for seeing them like this,  My adult side was so glad to be able to see such powerful creatures in their natural state, endangered species by humans protected yet by mother nature… I can still hear in my mind the sound of their roars, the sound of freedom.

Photo Credits: Kyle Southwell and Vanessa Vasquez

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