Gourmet Living: Isolina Restaurant, Authentic Grandma’s Flavor

This restaurant brought to me so many good memories, the food is extremely good, the servings are huge (like grandma’s servings) the flavor was authentic. This is a place where you can try the real thing, not gourmet… this is pure flavor.

Marek thinking on what cocktails to order!

and the food arrived, we call this dish SANCOCHADO which basically means BOILED.
Peruvians are officially addicted to the chili, we like it in most of your foods, here different types of chili creams.
This is how our food looked served, the beef was heaven, simple and yummy!

My favorite is the Sancochado, it reminded me of my Abuela style, lovely… and we could hardly finish it., but it was so good that we couldn’t stop. It was a lovely experience.

One of the 50 best in the world

One of the best restaurants in Peru

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  1. When I went to Peru last year we ate their typical foods which included the soup you mentioned. It’s yummy.

    1. Vanessa Vasquez says:

      Oh yes, we have a big range of traditional foods that are delicious, honestly you can eat like a king with very little money

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